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Story Book Weddings (What's New?)

Countryside is now offering a new look in photography. I call it Living Art.  The images take on a
look of an sketched painting.  You are not quite sure if it is a photograph or a drawing.  If you are
looking for something different and beautiful then this is it!
Countryside's Area of Excellence

Countryside Photography is a full service portrait studio.  Our areas of expertise are in:
Wedding, Bridal, Family, Children, High School Senior, School Class Pictures, School
Sports,Homecoming Dance, Proms and Commercial Photography

Your Wedding Planning Just Got Easier!

Our products are produced by state of the art digital equipment
We've been in business for over 20 years
We are one of the largest portrait studios in Texas
An Introduction to "Countryside Portraits"

There are pictures and there are portraits.  What is a Portrait?  A portrait is a "picture of a
person, usually showing the face."  Too often people approach a portrait studio for just that..."a
picture."  Any body can expose a camera and create an image of a person or family.

A "Countryside" portrait is far more than a photographic record.  It is a captured moment in time.  
Carefully designed, a fine portrait will convey the character and soul of the subject.  When
viewing a  expertly crafted "Countryside" portrait, you can feel the "presence" of the subjects.

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